Our Founder

Digital entrepreneur Motyat ‘Tia Taylor’ Olatunmbi established Káàbọ̀ in 2023: a platform that not only welcomes the diaspora but also empowers them to contribute to Nigeria’s promising trajectory, as part of an ambition to make a greater Nigeria.

Motyat Abiola Olatunmbi, known widely as Tia Taylor, is a dynamic force in the digital and entrepreneurial world. A Bocconi University graduate who has built a following of nearly 500,000 across various platforms, her expertise spans diverse topics, with a strong emphasis on social impact.

In 2020, Tia launched ColorY*, a pioneering platform in Italy, spotlighting experiences of racialized individuals and pushing for greater diversity and inclusivity. Under her direction, ColorY* became Italy’s first initiative to secure Google funding. The platform, staffed entirely by second-generation Italians, offers a fresh narrative against Italy’s historical marginalization issues and provides opportunities for young, diverse talent. Tia has also taught at the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Florence campus at Polimoda.

Her latest venture, Káàbọ̀, is a testament to her commitment to social impact by connecting the Nigerian diaspora with their heritage, thus allowing them to play a pivotal role in the country’s development.

The Káàbò Vision

At Káàbọ̀, we envision a Nigeria that stands as a beacon for its youth and the global community, redefining Africa’s role on the world stage. Our mission is to ensure a seamless transition for those exploring Nigeria, providing them with the essential tools to fully engage with and contribute to the country’s development. This initiative goes beyond mere experience; it’s about empowering participants to play a significant role in Nigeria’s progress and, consequently, in shaping the future of Africa. Our approach is more than a welcome; it’s a catalyst for involvement in a transformative movement that will redefine Nigeria’s and Africa’s destiny.

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